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Re: "descriptor table size" errors?

--On Friday, July 13, 2007 6:48 PM -0700 "Gregory K. Ruiz-Ade" <gkra@cs.ucsd.edu> wrote:

On Jul 13, 2007, at 6:17 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Friday, July 13, 2007 1:24 PM -0700 "Gregory K. Ruiz-Ade"
<gkra@cs.ucsd.edu> wrote:

Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.

Increase your file descriptor limit

Drop redhat's extremely old broken build.

Oh, god... I feel stupid for having asked.

Regarding the software version, we're slating an upgrade from RHEL4 to
RHEL5 for the LDAP servers to at least get us up to the 2.3 branch of
OpenLDAP, which will at least be a step in the right direction.

Sadly, using the builds provided by redhat, which are really geared for making the libraries available to other software, and not for running OpenLDAP as a server, is a quick path to directory suicide. I'd suggest using Symas Corp.'s free CDS build <http://www.symas.com> or Buchan Milne's excellent RPMs (which I unfortunately have not memorized the URL for, but you can probably find it in the list archives).


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