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Re: Lock is no longer valid / deferring operation


They're typically desktop or lab machines for academics, students,
etc.  Hardware-wise they're Dell desktop boxes of a few years old - a
2.4GHz processor with 512MB of memory is typical.  Something I should
have mentioned is that they're running Fedora Core 5, with a few
running FC6.

Any chance of moving to one central Directory server on proper hardware, with proper resources?

btw, are the desktops replicas of a central master?

Yes, the model is essentially one of a central write-master with all clients being replicas (using our own replication technology). We do want to think about moving away from this, however, possibly using local proxy-caching with a handful of servers replicating from the master with syncrepl. It's all still to be investigated properly, but there's certainly an incentive for that.

I hope you mean 5, as there are only 5 listed on the Oracle site.

As Quanah said, there are 6.

I still only see 5 at:


Sorry, I meant to include the link in the last message about this. We get these patches from Quanah's stanford page...