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Re: Lock is no longer valid / deferring operation

<quote who="Toby Blake">
> Hi there,
> Firstly, many thanks for the replies...
>> Hi Toby.
>>> For largely historical reasons we run slapd servers on most clients
>>> (this will probably change in the future - I'm just giving this
>>> information as background).
>> Why?
> Why will this change or why did we do it in the first place?  I wasn't
> party to these decisions at the time, so I can't really comment on the
> reasons for them.  I could speculate wildly, but I'd prefer not to.
>>>  We're seeing problems when some of these
>>> machines are busy, particularly, it seems, with memory intensive
>>> activity, although it's hard to substantiate as I generally only see
>>> the machines after they've broken.  It's annoying as I can't reproduce
>>> these problems.
>> It's going to be hard to pin point then ;-) How much memory/CPU
>> etc. do these clients have and what other services do they provide?
> They're typically desktop or lab machines for academics, students,
> etc.  Hardware-wise they're Dell desktop boxes of a few years old - a
> 2.4GHz processor with 512MB of memory is typical.  Something I should
> have mentioned is that they're running Fedora Core 5, with a few
> running FC6.

Any chance of moving to one central Directory server on proper hardware,
with proper resources?

btw, are the desktops replicas of a central master?

>> I hope you mean 5, as there are only 5 listed on the Oracle site.
> As Quanah said, there are 6.

I still only see 5 at: