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Re: my overlay doesn't compile

Gavin Henry schrieb:
<quote who="pkoelle@gmail.com">
Hi list,

I played around to find out how overlays work but hit a brickwall when
running make. The error is:
liboverlays.a(statover.o):(.data+0x58): undefined reference to
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

nestedgroup_initialize is the initialization hook for my module
(currently basically dynlist.c with some changes). I think I have added
the relevant pieces to the build system (configure.in,
servers/slapd/overlays/Makefile.in, include/portable.hin). Nevertheless,
the linking error suggests there is still something missing.

HEAD? 2.3.x??
2.3.36. Turned out the build env was broken due to copying files from windows... ;)

thanks anyway