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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for MODULE

<quote who="Howard Chu">
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> <quote who="Manon Goo">
>>> Hi,
>>> I am using the slapd 2.3.30 debian package.
>>> I would like to have the schma and acl configuration
>>> dynamic so I am able to replicate it. but on the other hand
>>> I would like to use som overlays witch do not support
>>> the dynamic configuration.
>>> Is there any possibilty to keep schenas and acls in the
>>> dynamic configuration. And keeping the overlay and database
>>> configuration
>>> in an old style include file ?
>> I'll need to have a quick test and get back to you, as I want to confirm
>> if the overlays will still run via back-config, but just not accept
>> changes.
> No. "No support" means no support.

There you have it, like I've just confirmed too.

Thanks Howard.

Sorry Manon, looks like you have to go with everything in slapd.conf.


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