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more about openldap unix socket


I've read something about slapd unix socket connection.
I noticed about x-mod and permissions, about url-encoding, etc.

However, how do I use ldapi with LDAP C SDK? 

To be exact, how do I use unix socket with ldap_init ? What's about bind 
operation? Does ldap_init supports it? I've read some posts saying that 
ldapi was to be used for fast and insecure connection which does not 
require bind operation. Anyway should I care? I mean,
is it really somehow faster than tcp socket? My program
does about 1-5 searches per it's operation, and there may approx.
about 500 "operations" per-second (actually "operation" is
http request). There's about 1-10 entries returned per one
search. Would it give some real performance boost?

But the posts I've read was quite old, and I coudn't find any usage 
examples, with or without bind.  So, what's the current status and primary 
usage of ldapi in openldap?