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Re: No search result without rootdn

Hmph.  That slapd.conf looks fine.

This could happen if you added some indexes to slapd.conf _after_ adding
the entry you are searching for - then that entry would not be indexed,
which would tell slapd that it does not match your search.  If you did
the rootdn search afterwards, that should have failed too, but maybe you
misremember in which order you tried things.  Anyway:
Stop slapd, run sbin/slapindex, restart slapd, and see if that helps.

If not, you could try to move these statements below the 'database'
> access to attrs=userPassword,userPKCS12
>         by self write
>         by * auth
> access to attrs=shadowLastChange
>         by self write
>         by * read
> access to *
>         by * read

and keep an access to * by * read above as well.
Shouldn't matter, so if it helps you've found a bug...

That's all I can think of.