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Re: is it possible to configure openldap to return latest modifiedentries first without using sorting feature?

ä Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:24:43 -0300
Jeronimo Zucco <jczucco@ucs.br> åé:

>     Hi, Zhang.
>     Did you try it with valsoft overlay ?
>     http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/1282.html
> and
>     man 5 slapo-valsort

Actually I didn't try, but I did came across it and read its manual. I
am not sure if it addresses my problem, so far it seems to be
used for sorting values between multiple values of a single attribute
while in my case I am sorting entries based on certain (actually one,
modifyTimeStampe) attribute.

> Zhang Weiwu escreveu:
> > Dear list
> >
> > As the project I am working on requires, all ldap search results
> > should return latest-modified entry first. This requirement have
> > many practical reason behind it and is an important requirement. I
> > solve this problem by always invoke ldap search with 'sort' option.
> >
> > I believe by doing so I have lowered down performance, especially
> > the search result is often several thousands records. Now the
> > server is overburden. I have noticed if I don't use sort feature,
> > the result is always the reverse of the project requirement: last
> > modified entries are displayed last. (project requirement is: last
> > modified entries are displayed first.)
> >
> > The project requirement will not likely to change in a few years
> > time, so I think perhaps we can enhance performance by
> > reconfiguring openldap to reverse sort order -> not possible on
> > OpenLDAP itself but I guess probably by configuring BDB backend, to
> > ask it to 'save' data in the opposite way, and by doing so make
> > future search result automatically 'sorted'. So far, it's my dream
> > and my wild guess. I am digging into BDB documents to find out if
> > such configuration is possible and also write the list see if
> > experts knows this possibility already.
> >
> > And, I wouldn't be surprised if BDB cannot be configured the way I
> > like, but, it's stupid not to ask the list just in case if it's
> > possible
> >
> > Thanks a lot in advance!
> >