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is it possible to configure openldap to return latest modified entries first without using sorting feature?

Dear list

As the project I am working on requires, all ldap search results should
return latest-modified entry first. This requirement have many practical
reason behind it and is an important requirement. I solve this problem
by always invoke ldap search with 'sort' option.

I believe by doing so I have lowered down performance, especially the
search result is often several thousands records. Now the server is
overburden. I have noticed if I don't use sort feature, the result is
always the reverse of the project requirement: last modified entries are
displayed last. (project requirement is: last modified entries are
displayed first.)

The project requirement will not likely to change in a few years time,
so I think perhaps we can enhance performance by reconfiguring openldap
to reverse sort order -> not possible on OpenLDAP itself but I guess
probably by configuring BDB backend, to ask it to 'save' data in the
opposite way, and by doing so make future search result automatically
'sorted'. So far, it's my dream and my wild guess. I am digging into BDB
documents to find out if such configuration is possible and also write
the list see if experts knows this possibility already.

And, I wouldn't be surprised if BDB cannot be configured the way I like,
but, it's stupid not to ask the list just in case if it's possible

Thanks a lot in advance!
Zhang Weiwu
Real Softservice
+86 592 2091112