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Re: server startup overhead

Hei Howard!

A question: How do you setup the "lastmod" directive on slapd.conf? ON or OFF?


On 5/25/07, Howard Chu < hyc@symas.com> wrote:
Eric Irrgang wrote:
> Is there a way (with or without attaching a debugger) to find out what my
> IDL cache and DN cache is doing?
Using a debugger, set a breakpoint inside any of the backend functions.
When the bdb pointer is set up, print out its data. The bdb->bi_cache
structure records all the info about the entry cache. The bdb->bi_idl_*
fields records the info about the IDL cache. In 2.4 some of these
counters are exposed via back-monitor. We can add more to the monitor
entry as needed.

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