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Re: Building OpenLDAP with VS.NET2003

John Clizbe wrote:
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Aviator LDap wrote:

Can anybody help me to build OpenLDAP with VS.NET2003? I would like to
build the OpenLDAP 2.3.33 with VS.NET <http://VS.NET> as my application
requires that. I am struck at this point. Any help will be greatly

There hasn't been an active VS build in quite a while, since 2.0.19 back in Dec.
 2001 or so.

OpenLDAP and all its prerequisites (except SASL, you can use VS for it) build
with the MinGW GCC compiler (www.mingw.org).

More specifically, use the MSYS environment. Also see the FAQ-o-Matic. http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/300.html

All of the OpenLDAP code base is supported with MSYS/MinGW; the Microsoft tool chain isn't officially supported any more. You can still use the Microsoft tools by way of ccld, but that requires a few more tweaks to the ccld script. (Also I've only done this with VC6; VC8 will probably require some more tweaks of its own. At this point there are so many different MSVC CRT DLLs to keep track of it's just not worth the effort any more.) I suspect the wgcc tool may work as well but I haven't used it or Interix.

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