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[Rivendell] idassert-bind not working as expected?

With minimal information as requested by the moderators multiple times.  Why
doesn't idassert-bind work as expected?  When I try an anonymous query to an
"LDAP" server via an OpenLDAP server configured as a proxy (backend meta , or
backend ldap), the query fails because the OpenLDAP server does not bind (even
when I try setting the "idassert-bind" option).

    # sample failed anonymous query to AD via OpenLDAP
    ldapsearch  -H "ldap://localhost/"; -b "ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org" -x

    # expected query to be performed by ldap server
 	ldapsearch -H "ldap://dc1.rfa.org/"; -b "cn=users,dc=rfa,dc=org" \
 		-D "CN=LDAP Proxy user account,OU=Windows,DC=rfa,DC=org" -W \

    # using (tcpdump -x -s0 port 389) I never see a bind sent from OpenLDAP,
    # and instead I see an error returned from the "LDAP" server because a
    # bind not successful.

    # backend meta portion of the slapd.conf file
    ##database    ldap
    database    meta

    suffix      "ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org"
    uri         "ldap://dc1.rfa.org/ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org";

    suffixmassage   ou=windows,dc=rfa,dc=org

    idassert-authzFrom "dn:*"
    #Xidassert-bind   bindmethod=simple binddn="ldap-proxy@rfa.org" credentials="222222"
    idassert-bind   bindmethod=simple binddn="CN=LDAP Proxy user account,OU=Windows,DC=rfa,DC=org" credentials="222222"  mode=none
    dncache-ttl     60

My environment is made up of Debian stable (4.0 Etch) on the workstations and
OpenLDAP server, OpenLDAP 2.3.30-5 on the server.  "LDAP" Server on the remote

thank you,

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