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simple ACL requirement, grant access to modify myself and my sub entries, not sure how to do it

Dear all. In my installation it's required if someone logs in, he can
modify his own entry and can modify & delete & create entries of his own
entry, e.g.

login as: dn: ou=Support,o=Real Softservice

Then I should be able to modify & delete & create:

dn: cn=Wang Penghui,ou=Suport,o=Real Softservice

dn: cn=Zhang Weiwu,ou=Suport,o=Real Softservice

dn: cn=Wolfgang Scheuing,ou=Suport,o=Real Softservice

Looks like a simple requirement. Anyway I dug into ACL manual for days
without a clue (maybe also because of my bad English). Can anyone
provide a hint and simplified example? Thanks a lot in advance!

Zhang Weiwu
Real Softservice
+86 592 2091112