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Re: No such object error after converting from 2.0.27 to 2.3.32

Brian Gaber wrote:

Took the slapcat output from version 2.0.27 (ldbm) to version 2.3.32 (bdm). Used slapadd on 2.3.32 and am using Berkeley 4.2.52. The slapadd works fine. Then I issued chown ldap:ldap on the /var/lib/ldap-2.3.32 directory and files. Any type of ldapsearch results in a 32 no such object. The identical ldapsearch on the old ldap works fine.

You don't provide enough input to allow others to support you. All anyone could tell you, based on the information you provided, is that you have a problem. Looking at the server's logs could provide some useful insight, though.


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