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Re: Globally Disable Referrals

Brian Foddy wrote:

> but I'd rather not if I don't need to.
> I've tried a --disable-referrals in the configure command, but it didn't
> seem to
> affect my results.

Where did you find that option documented?  Software seldom honor
undocumented options; rarely undocumented options behaves the way one
expects.  This is so undocumented that it doesn't even exist, that's why
it's ignored.  Since referrals are part of LDAP, instead of entirely
disabling them, you should try something like
--do-not-always-follow-referrals-when-contacting-AD, or
--disable-following-referrals-that-wont-succeed.  You won't find any
mention of them, of course, because they're undocumented.

However, in ldap.conf(5) there's a well documented option (very hard to
find, since it's called, guess what, REFERRALS) that might be of help
(not with OpenLDAP tools, though, nor with other clients that explicitly
set the behavior with respect to referrals).


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