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Promoting consumer to provider (hot standby)

Hi All,

I have an OL 2.3.x provider where all updates are performed, and
several OL 2.3.x consumers that are read-only. I'd like to introduce
another OL server as a "hot standby" (as mirror mode is officially
available only in OL 2.4.x). That new server would be initially
configured as a consumer. Should the initial provider fail (hardware),
the configuration of the "hot standby" would be changed so that it
becomes the new provider. No change would be needed on the consumer
side since the new provider would grab the virtual IP address that the
initial provider was holding (Heartbeat), and the consumers would keep
on connecting to that virtual IP.

My question is the following:
Will the consumers see the content of the new provider as exactly the
same as the content of the initial provider right before the failure,
and then only perform timely updates upon content changes?

Thanks in advance.