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Subordinate Knowledge Information

Hi all,

I have two LDAP server and .64. I inserted in the ldap.conf of the .93 server the following lines:

dn: dc=RAFFO,dc=IT
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
ref: ldap://,dc=IT

because I want to subordinate the request dc=RAFFO,dc=IT to the .64 server where I've already created a database ...

database    bdb
suffix        "dc=RAFFO,dc=IT"
checkpoint      1024    5
cachesize       10000
rootdn        "cn=Manager,dc=RAFFO,dc=IT"
rootpw        secret
directory    /var/lib/ldap
index    objectClass    eq

but if I try to connect to the .93 server using an ldap browser I get this error

02:26:57 PM: Failed to connect to ldap://
Root error: [LDAP: error code 49 - Invalid Credentials]

Please help me,
Thanks Raffo