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Re: used timezone

>Kurt Zeilenga writes:
> RFC 4517 says:
>    The "Z" form of <g-time-zone> SHOULD be used in
>    preference to <g-differential>.
> The primary reason for this is interoperability.  Not all
> implementations can deal (well) with g-differential.  It
> should be avoided (on the wire).

Well, I'm not that eager for it.

Though I don't see that as much of a problem - in the sense that if the
admin asks for it, it's his responsibility to deal with it.  We've got
other non-interoperability options too.  Like {crypt} in userPassword,
which even breaks the standard.

Owen DeLong writes:
> Another consideration is that g-differential may be different in a
> given location, depending on the date.
> For example, in California, we are -0800 during the fall/winter
> and -0700 during the spring/summer due to daylight savings
> silliness.

Which but the software only needs to know for its own host, and
localtime() + strftime("%z & co") is supposed to take care of that.