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Re: slapd won't start and problems with syslog

Tim Garton wrote, on 14-04-2007 01:59:

Running OpenLDAP 2.3.32 on Ubuntu 6.06.1 x86. slapd fails to start. If anyone could shed some light on why that would be great. Below is strace output. It looks like it is having some problems with syslog. Is there anyway to have slapd use some other logging mechanism?


and slapd hangs at this point.

In my experience the best debugging of *this kind of thing* is not by running strace or any other trace debugger, but the native logging built into slapd.

Start the daemon from the CLI, as you apparently have done, *with the correct user* and other parameters, and add anything from 'd -1' thru '-d 1 ... 256'.

To find out what these do consult first the admin guide for your OL version, then 'man slad.conf' and look for loglevel <integer> [...].

Obviously slaptest (configuration test) has passed for your setup, or you couldn't have started the daemon.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl