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Re: deferring operation: pending operations

Ben Beuchler writes:
> Apr 10 13:14:39 swizzle slapd[5944]: connection_input: conn=1696
> deferring operation: binding

Include 256 in your loglevel, if you haven't already, and look for the
'<date> swizzle slapd[<pid>]: conn=<num> ...' lines it produces.
In particular, look for 'conn=<num> op=<num> RESULT' lines _after_
the 'deferring operation' line, where the matched received operation
(same conn and op) was _before_ that line.  Notice what the operation
was, and what the result code was (RESULT ... err=).  You'll find the
result code descriptions in RFC 4511.

Note that logging is a bit sloppy - for requests with syntax errors or
some other problems, only the response is logged.  But since these
requests fail without processing they shouldn't take time either.