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Re: deferring operation: pending operations

On 4/7/07, Ben Beuchler <insyte@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm getting a ton of these errors in a row, all on the same connection:

Apr  5 11:32:48 swizzle slapd[1626]: connection_input: conn=6232680
deferring operation: pending operations

I've upgraded the client that was triggering the above failures. That client is still intermittently hanging on its auth attempts. The slapd frequently logs this message on connections owned by this client:

Apr 10 13:14:39 swizzle slapd[5944]: connection_input: conn=1696
deferring operation: binding

The client is making auth binds (anonymous search for dn, followed by
binding with that dn) for numerous users.  It does all of this over a
single LDAP session that is kept open more or less until either the
client or slapd is restarted.  It rarely makes more than 3 - 5
requests per second, so it seems unlikely that OpenLDAP is actually
unable to keep up.

What type of errors could the client make that would result in
repeated deferrals?