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Re: database configuration questions

There's not enough information (i.e. the whole slapd.conf) here to tell for sure, but my crystal ball guess would be that your previous slapd.conf has a context that conflicts with this new "appended" context.

Try slaptest -d config (sounds like -d config -f /root/slapd.conf in your case?) to get a better idea of what's going on.

Crystal ball guesses can be bad; include a full sanitized slapd.conf if you're going to follow up.

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Marcum, Bob wrote:

This is a re-transmission of a message I sent yesterday, but seems did
not get through.

I am sure having a tough time sorting out what, I think, are truly basic
and fundamental isses!

I just want to create an ldap database which will house a
uniqueIdentifier for a user, and an associated userPassword.  I simply
want to authenticate users (not system users, as in /etc/passwd) with
their password.  I cannot get the database configured so slapd will even
come up.

Here is my database configuration, which I have simply appended to the
default slapd.conf file that normally resides in /etc/openldap on my
linux machine:

database           bdb

suffix                 "dn=clearerDB"

rootdn               "cn=clearerDBmgr, dn=clearerDB"

rootpw               myPassword

directory            /var/ldapDBs/clearerDB

index                objectClass       eq

index                uniqueIdentifier   eq

index                userPassword    eq

# Other attributes used in this database:

# displayName

# businessCategory

Actually, I have this full config file in my root's directory (I am
logged in as root).  So when I run this command

           /usr/lib/openldap/slapd -f /root/slapd.conf

slapd fails to come up.  When I comment out my additional database
configuration text, it does come up okay.

BYW, the database directory does already exist; i.e., I have created
those directories prior to attempting to bring up slapd.

So ... I have these questions:

1)                   What am I doing wrong?

2)                   What will cause the password for a specific
uniqueIdentifier to be associated with one another?

3)                   Surely, slapd is reporting out to some log a record
of what he is doing when he comes up, or attempts to come up.  What log
file? Where?

Thanks for your time and help.

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