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Re: New superior without new RDN

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Mon, 12 Mar 2007, Howard Chu wrote:
How do I move an entry to a new superior without changing the RDN as well? I cannot find any examples of this (at least, none that works).

test006, test007, test017, test018, test019, test032, test040, test043, test045, test046, test048...

Wherever you were looking, you should always start by looking in the source distro itself.

And I completely failed to see the lack of "-", as you pointed out later... And yes, line 6 == "-" should have been a hint.

"-" is invalid in a modDN request. And yes, newRDN must be an actual RDN, not just a naked value.

I'm starting to see too many mistakes in "http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/";
to trust it now.  Or, for that matter, Howes/Smith/Good (1st Ed).

Only starting? Tim Howes' book was authoritative, a lifetime ago. Living technologies evolve.

The Zytrax stuff looked like a nice effort at first, but as usual, I question the motives. People who genuinely want to help others spend time doing exactly that, in public forums. People who genuinely want to improve the state of the OpenLDAP documentation do exactly that, by contributing docs and patches to the Project. People who sit off in their corner of the world proclaiming their authoritative knowledge about a piece of technology that they otherwise have made no visible contribution to strike me as just being leeches. Even worse when their docs are full of errors.

On a slightly related topic - the first several chapters of my OpenLDAP Administration book will be published on the web in a few months. Even after it comes out on paper, we'll be revising the electronic copy over time. It's somewhat unavoidable that documenting OpenLDAP is a moving target - only dead things stop moving.

It's working now; thanks.

I was testing a simple "ldapdiff" utility which given "before" and "after" generates the required LDIF operations; I cannot use "ldifdiff.pl" because it requires Net::LDAP which is not a core module.

I hope to get permission to release it; a couple of people have expressed interest in it...

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