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Re: New superior without new RDN

On Mon, 12 Mar 2007, Howard Chu wrote:

> > How do I move an entry to a new superior without changing the RDN as 
> > well?  I cannot find any examples of this (at least, none that works).
> test006, test007, test017, test018, test019, test032, test040, test043, 
> test045, test046, test048...
> Wherever you were looking, you should always start by looking in the 
> source distro itself.

And I completely failed to see the lack of "-", as you pointed out 
later...  And yes, line 6 == "-" should have been a hint.

> "-" is invalid in a modDN request. And yes, newRDN must be an actual 
> RDN, not just a naked value.

I'm starting to see too many mistakes in "http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/";
to trust it now.  Or, for that matter, Howes/Smith/Good (1st Ed).

It's working now; thanks.

I was testing a simple "ldapdiff" utility which given "before" and "after" 
generates the required LDIF operations; I cannot use "ldifdiff.pl" because 
it requires Net::LDAP which is not a core module.

I hope to get permission to release it; a couple of people have expressed 
interest in it...

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