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Re: reg OpenLdap installation

The actual error message i am getting is "objectclass invalid synatx".
The reason i thought my schema file isnt being referred is, server is not recognizing the objectclasses that i have in that schema file( that shows server hasnt seen my schema file).
So for that what exactly i have done is, i have selected few of the object classes from my schema file and tried inserting them in openldap's schema file(misc.schema).
When i did that...one of the object class got recognized. Hence i went on trying to insert few more of my object classes in that schema file but the same thing dint happen. Thats is, when i try to start the service it dosnt start.
Just to sum up.....
When i simply include my schema file in the slapd.conf, and try to run my ldif files..technically speaking it should work right....or anything more should be done??
Just let me know......

On 2/28/07, Buchan Milne <bgmilne@obsidian.co.za> wrote:
On Tuesday 27 February 2007, shilpa muramkar wrote:
> I have installed openldap on my machine. In the slapd.conf file i have
> included all the schema files. I need to import our directory server data
> into OpenLdap now. Hence i have done the below things....
> 1) Created a schema file containing our data and included it in the
> slapd.conf.
> 2) Created an ldif file, and tried importing our data using "ldapmodify"
> command.
> I am facing few problems.
> Looks like my schema file isnt being referred by openldap as....even when i
> comment my schema file and run, the service is starting.

Removing a schema file, and having the service start is no indication that the
schema file was not in use before.

Rather, do a search on the schema available on your LDAP server, to see what
schemas it *has* loaded when you have configured it to load this schema.
Alternatively, use a schema-aware GUI tool (such as luma).

> That shows my
> schema file isnt creating any impact there.

What impact were you expecting? How did you check for this impact?

(and no, failure to start is not a reasonable impact for removing an arbitrary
schema file from the configuration file)

> What i did is,,,,,i took some of our required ObjectClasses and included
> them in the "misc.schema" file of OpenLdap just for a trial. Few of them
> worked properly and my data from ldif got added into the server.
> I still have few attributes and ObjectClasses which i am neither able to
> add into any of OpenLdap's schema files nor create a new schema file and
> add( as OpenLdap isnt referring to it).

Please, post some real error messages, as your interpretation of the effects
doesn't seem to add up.

> Can someone guide me as to how to easily get my schema and data added to
> the server.

The OpenLDAP Admin guide covers this in sufficient detail IMHO. If you don't
succeed, you should provide sufficient details of what you have done, and
error messages and relevant log file extracts which detail the errors you are

> If i have to create a schema file of my own.....in that case..how do i make
> the server refer to that as well...........

You just add an include statement for your schema file in slapd.conf, as
covered in the documentation ...