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reg OpenLdap installation

I have installed openldap on my machine. In the slapd.conf file i have included all the schema files. I need to import our directory server data into OpenLdap now. Hence i have done the below things....
1) Created a schema file containing our data and included it in the slapd.conf.
2) Created an ldif file, and tried importing our data using "ldapmodify" command.
I am facing few problems.
Looks like my schema file isnt being referred by openldap as....even when i comment my schema file and run, the service is starting. That shows my schema file isnt creating any impact there.
What i did is,,,,,i took some of our required ObjectClasses and included them in the "misc.schema" file of OpenLdap just for a trial. Few of them worked properly and my data from ldif got added into the server.
I still have few attributes and ObjectClasses which i am neither able to add into any of OpenLdap's schema files nor create a new schema file and add( as OpenLdap isnt referring to it).
Can someone guide me as to how to easily get my schema and data added to the server.
If i have to create a schema file of my own.....in that case..how do i make the server refer to that as well...........
Eagerly awaiting the reply.......