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Re: WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm

Matt thanks for the reply

You can ignore that warning.  It's mostly talking about ldbm's
inability to be used with cn=config and other fancy features.

So what you suggest, do we need to migrate to some other backend db or we can use the existing ldbm and ignoring the warning? (remember this is our primary ldap server for authenticating users for different services eg, company php application, wiki, phpmyadmin etc

Also- there isn't any good reason to rely on redhat for your openldap
packages. (office politics are a bad reason ;)  They move much slower
than the bug fixes/releases of openldap (which are very frequent).  If
you check the archives, there are a few people who keep up-to-date
rpm's around.  You didn't mention slurpd, so I assume that's working
correctly, or you're using syncrepl.

Office policy :-S
our replication slave was working fine before upgrading to fc6 now its fails to start with error ...

Checking configuration files for slapd:  WARNING: No dynamic config support for database ldbm.
unable to open file "/var/run/slapd.pid": 13 (Permission denied)

If i remove the old db files from datadir and then start 'services ldap start' it works fine but its not working with old db files, we you thinks i have to setup the replication from start?

Thanks. Askar