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Re: Segmentation Fault

On 22.02.2007, at 18:21, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

You are probably running into the very nasty problem that Debian decided to link its OpenLDAP 2.1 libraries against GnuTLS using their own custom, badly hacked patch.


This causes a ton of problems when anything LDAP-wise tries to use SSL/TLS, even if it is one of their later packages, because the 2.1 libraries (and in the case, the 2.3 libraries) end up in the same user space, causing conflicts between GnuTLS and OpenSSL, which leads to the behavior you are seeing.

If I disable TLS for testing, I guess this problem shouldn't exist anymore, should it?

Bottom line: Don't use Debian's LDAP packages if you want to use Debian. Try building the packages into /usr/local, so that the libraries in /usr/lib do not get loaded.

I will try. Thanks for that Info.



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