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Re: entryDN attribute (or entryUUID?)

P. Martinez wrote:

> Besides, for an unique identifier, what suites better entryUUID or
> entryDN ?

A DN is supposed to be unique at a given time; the entryUUID is supposed
to be unique forever.  So, two entries with the same DN could exist at
different times (e.g. an entry is deleted and another entry with the
same DN is created later on; they are supposed to have different
entryUUID because in fact they're different entries).  At the same time,
an entry could have different DN at different times while keeping the
same entryUUID (e.g. an entry is renamed, so the DN changes over time,
but the entry remains the same, and thus the entryUUID remains the same
as well).

> I plan to write an search interface and was thinking about tracking
> results ...

entryUUID is a perfect key, since it has the above properties and it's
fixed length.  However, in general it's not something an interface would


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