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Re: entryDN attribute (or entryUUID?)

Am 21.02.2007 um 11:46 schrieb Hallvard B Furuseth:

Brandon McCombs writes:
I want to use the entryDN attribute as a unique identifier. Is there
any particular reason why I can't read this attribute using
openldap.org's server? It won't return in searches I do.

entryDN is an operational attribute, so it is only returned if you explicitly ask for it in the search request. E.g.

ldapsearch -xLLL -h ldap.uio.no -b "dc=uio,dc=no" -s base "*" entryDN

Besides, for an unique identifier, what suites better entryUUID or entryDN ?

I plan to write an search interface and was thinking about tracking
results ...

Many thanks