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Re: password hashes

Howard Chu wrote:
Brandon McCombs wrote:

The info I found never explicitly stated either way whether multiple hashes could be listed but since the info I found would only list one hash in the examples I had to assume that multiple hashes weren't allowed since the text wouldn't claim otherwise. I didn't have access to the manpage on my local setup so thanks for the information Howard.

Hm, who would create an OpenLDAP installation without the manpages?
And of course, there's always the OpenLDAP website.

On another note, to the community at large - when you run across documents around the web that talk about OpenLDAP, you might want to write to the authors of such pages and suggest that they contribute their documents to the Project. It'll get more exposure for them, and the amount of accurate documentation will increase.

Sorry for not being clear. When I said "my local setup" I didn't mean my local OpenLDAP setup but just my PC in general. I actually am having a friend of mine host OpenLDAP now instead of running it myself so it wasn't easy to look at the manpage. I usually forget about them too which is why I even missed it on the openldap.org site. I'll keep your other note in mind though because it would be better if there was a single source for comprehensive documentation.