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Re: This is a new thread

Howard Chu wrote, on 21. feb 2007 19:11:

This has nothing to do with that thread, but has been worrying me:

Our production RHAS4 site with 4 OpenLDAP 2.3 servers (1 delta syncrepl provider, 3 consumers) has been running exemplararily (new word?) since ~= 2.3.27.

All servers were running 2.3.33 perfectly, then I built 2.3.34 and on just one of the servers (the master), after around 4 hours of it doing hard work, I see (top) the slapd process consuming 98-99% CPU. The CPU consumption is never relinquished, even if I wait for hours (ouch). If I reinstall 2.3.33 this goes away and all is back to normal.

For this, absolutely, make sure you have debug symbols, attach with gdb and get a stack trace for all active threads.


On my test machine:

I reinstalled the 2.3.33 rpms, then simply copied the RPM_BUILD_DIR/openldap-2.3.34/servers/slapd/.libs/slapd to /usr/sbin/slapd (made a backup first). It seems to run ok with the 2.3.33 libs, or do I need the 2.3.34 libs too? Whatever i do on the test rig I have to replicate on the production master/provider. I'm loathe to reinstall the whole 2.3.34 gamut on that machine, I'd rather be able to copy the 2.3.33 slapd back, if I get problems (the production provider does failover to a slave/consumer if slapd goes down, so short outages shouldn't be a problem).


For the OpenLDAP 2.3 rpms I'm using Buchan Milne's 2.4.24 srpm spec file, basically only modified each build for the version, so that all the %prep, %configure and %build stages are the same for all builds - irrespective of OL version.

Ta in advance,

Quite far in advance, we're only on 2.4.4 here.

Yeah :( sorry for the typo ...


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl