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Re: This is a new thread

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
This has nothing to do with that thread, but has been worrying me:

Our production RHAS4 site with 4 OpenLDAP 2.3 servers (1 delta syncrepl provider, 3 consumers) has been running exemplararily (new word?) since ~= 2.3.27.

All servers were running 2.3.33 perfectly, then I built 2.3.34 and on just one of the servers (the master), after around 4 hours of it doing hard work, I see (top) the slapd process consuming 98-99% CPU. The CPU consumption is never relinquished, even if I wait for hours (ouch). If I reinstall 2.3.33 this goes away and all is back to normal.

For this, absolutely, make sure you have debug symbols, attach with gdb and get a stack trace for all active threads.

On my (discrete=nothing to do with the others) test rig, 2.3.34 from the same batch also functions perfectly.

Where should I be looking?

System and build details for all rigs:

OS Red Hat RHAS4, completely up2date
All, but all software built and installed as rpms

My own-built db4-4.2.52 rpms with all patches (Red Hat's doesn't have all patches)

For the OpenLDAP 2.3 rpms I'm using Buchan Milne's 2.4.24 srpm spec file, basically only modified each build for the version, so that all the %prep, %configure and %build stages are the same for all builds - irrespective of OL version.

Ta in advance,

Quite far in advance, we're only on 2.4.4 here.

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