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RE: slapd stopping with no error message

Slap/slap/slap - waking up now - sorry not much sleep since last week - sick
child, still should never forget the most basic. I will redirect. Question: what
level of debug would you recommend. Thanks!

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Douglas B. Jones wrote:
> About three times in the last several days, ldap-2.3.33 (RHEL4) has just stopped.
> No core or error messages in the log files. The last entry in the log file
> is just a search entry, with nothing common in the search from 'crash' to
> 'crash'. I have even tried the searches and they worked fine. I restart it
> notes an unclean shutdown detected and attempts recovery and appears to do so.
> My question is what is the proper way to debug this. If I do -d, it will
> not fork, but since it fails at random times I probably will not be there
> to see the output.

Unix has this cool thing called I/O redirection, perhaps you've heard of it?
There's also this other cool thing called job control...

In [t]csh I would use
	slapd -d 7 >& Errs &
In sh I would use
	nohup slapd -d 7 > Errs 2>&1 &

And if any of that looks unfamiliar to you, then you Really Really need to go 
read Kernighan & Pike's _The_Unix_Programming_Environment_ before you do 
anything else.

> Is this the best way to try to see what is happening?
> If so, what is the recommended debug level? It was built with:
> ./configure \
>         --prefix=/usr/local/openldap-2.3.33 \
>         --includedir=/usr/local/lib/BerkleyDB.4.5.20.NC/include \
>         --enable-crypt \
>         --enable-cleartext \
>         --enable-debug \
>         --enable-meta=yes \
>         --enable-monitor=yes \
>         --enable-relay=yes \
>         --enable-ldap=yes \
>         --enable-rewrite=yes \
>         --enable-overlays=yes \
>         -exec-prefix=/usr/local/openldap-2.3.33
> I see that there is 2.3.34 out and that it can use BDB 4.5. Is the
> best course of action to upgrade?

All OpenLDAP 2.3.x releases work with BDB 4.5 (and 4.6, for that matter). The 
explicit test in configure is just a formality. (If the configure test didn't 
find a specific BDB version that it recognized, it would eventually fallback 
to -ldb4 which would work anyway.)
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