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slapd stopping with no error message

About three times in the last several days, ldap-2.3.33 (RHEL4) has just stopped.
No core or error messages in the log files. The last entry in the log file
is just a search entry, with nothing common in the search from 'crash' to
'crash'. I have even tried the searches and they worked fine. I restart it
notes an unclean shutdown detected and attempts recovery and appears to do so.

My question is what is the proper way to debug this. If I do -d, it will
not fork, but since it fails at random times I probably will not be there
to see the output. Is this the best way to try to see what is happening?
If so, what is the recommended debug level? It was built with:

./configure \
        --prefix=/usr/local/openldap-2.3.33 \
        --includedir=/usr/local/lib/BerkleyDB.4.5.20.NC/include \
        --enable-crypt \
        --enable-cleartext \
        --enable-debug \
        --enable-meta=yes \
        --enable-monitor=yes \
        --enable-relay=yes \
        --enable-ldap=yes \
        --enable-rewrite=yes \
        --enable-overlays=yes \

I see that there is 2.3.34 out and that it can use BDB 4.5. Is the
best course of action to upgrade?

The 2.3.27 version we have been running has not had a problem like this.
The 2.3.27 runs on port 900, the 2.3.33 runs on port 389.

Thanks for any help!