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Re: Building OpenLDAP with MSVC 6

Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:
Howard - We used Sun ONE before - and there is no restriction on schema - so we
have put some flexibility in our components that register with ldap. Now,
> with OpenLDAP since the schema is fixed - that flexibility is lost; if we
> update any component template (the data that goes into schema) - then we
> need to re-generate the schema before re-installing the new version of
> the component.

So - that's the reason why I'm asking this question - if this restriction
> can be somehow bypassed.

It should be clear from the other replies here that such a goal is the wrong approach.

You should simply update your schema whenever you make changes to your templates. With OpenLDAP 2.3 you can add new schema elements on the fly. With OpenLDAP 2.4 you can add/delete/modify schema at will.

- Rajarshi


From: Howard Chu [mailto:hyc@symas.com]
Sent: Tue 2/13/2007 8:10 PM
To: Rajarshi Chaudhuri
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Subject: Re: Building OpenLDAP with MSVC 6

Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:
Thanks Howard. I have also sent a mail to Symas sales for licensing
price info for CDS packages for Windows.

One follow up question - is there a way to turn off schema checking in
OpenLDAP 2.3? Is it possible in CDS distributed by Symas?

No. Schema is an integral part of the LDAPv3 specification; schema checking cannot be disabled. Why do you want to turn it off?

Rajarshi Chaudhuri
Genesys Telecommunications Lab, Inc

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