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RE: Building OpenLDAP with MSVC 6

Howard - 
We used Sun ONE before - and there is no restriction on schema - so we have put some flexibility in our components that register with ldap. Now, with OpenLDAP since the schema is fixed - that flexibility is lost; if we update any component template (the data that goes into schema)  - then we need to re-generate the schema before re-installing the new version of the component. 
So - that's the reason why I'm asking this question - if this restriction can be somehow bypassed.
- Rajarshi


From: Howard Chu [mailto:hyc@symas.com]
Sent: Tue 2/13/2007 8:10 PM
To: Rajarshi Chaudhuri
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Subject: Re: Building OpenLDAP with MSVC 6

Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:
> Thanks Howard. I have also sent a mail to Symas sales for licensing
> price info for CDS packages for Windows.
> One follow up question - is there a way to turn off schema checking in
> OpenLDAP 2.3? Is it possible in CDS distributed by Symas?

No. Schema is an integral part of the LDAPv3 specification; schema checking
cannot be disabled. Why do you want to turn it off?

> Rajarshi Chaudhuri
> Genesys Telecommunications Lab, Inc
> rajarshi@genesyslab.com

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