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Re: LDAP authenticaton against PAM how-to

Tony Earnshaw <tonni@hetnet.nl> wrote:

> There is a (limited) number of documented masters of "the real world"
> subscribing to this list on a regular basis and Buchan Milne is one of
> them; indeed I personally am (and my sites are) indebted to him for his
> work. Nuff said.

I wasn't suggesting Buchan Milne did not know about "the real world", I
was just expaling why I was looking for an odd setup.

> You could, at least, answer his question and tell him why you need to
> proceed in the obtuse manner you demonstrate instead of waving his 
> question airily away with the argument: that your needs "require major
> refactoring of some IT mess, which is not in the short terms gaols".

Well, I attempt to setup a directory while retaining an existing
authentication mecanism, because changing that would require modifying a
lot of things, including machines I don't have administrative access to.
That's a desirable goal, but I don't want to work on it immediatly. Is
that position so shocking?

Emmanuel Dreyfus