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Re: LDAP authenticaton against PAM how-to

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> If you go to the root of this thread, you'll find a post where I give
> the various information I did not find in the doc to use PAM
> authentication against LDAP. I also told my frustration about the
> documentation state.
> With no doublt my contribution could have been more comprehensive. You
> can tell it's obsolete or incomplete (I'd appreciate you tell me how
> exactly), but you can't say I complained without contributing.

Off course answering questions on the list is contributing to the
project. But contributing to docs would mean you identify the place in
the docs where your information should be added, you improve your
information according to the list's feedback, you either provide a patch
or file an ITS with sufficient information.

Regarding pam_ldap you should better contribute to PADL's docs.

You could also add something to the FAQ-O-MATIC. It's not read-only. And
there is already plenty valuable information in there.

Ciao, Michael.