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Re: Listening on multiple ports for openldap 2.3.33

Douglas B. Jones wrote:
> I want to listen on multiple ports for openldap. Not ldaps, just ldap.
> I have tried (let's say port 100 and 200 - not the real ports):
> ldap.conf:
> URI     ldap:// ldap://

from ldap.conf(5):

  The ldap.conf configuration file is used to set  system-wide  defaults
  to be applied when running ldap clients.

so it has nothing to do with slapd(8) which is a ldap server.

> and
> slapd -h ldap://:100/ -h ldap://:200/

from slapd(8):

  -h URLlist
         slapd  will  by  default  serve  ldap:/// (LDAP over TCP on all
         interfaces on default LDAP port).  That is, it will bind  using
         INADDR_ANY  and port 389.  The -h option may be used to specify
         LDAP (and other scheme) URLs to serve.  For example,  if  slapd
         is  given  -h  "ldap:// ldaps:/// ldapi:///", it
         will listen on for LDAP,  for  LDAP
         over  TLS,  and  LDAP  over  IPC  (Unix  domain sockets).

> It always only comes up on port 100, never sees port 200. If
> I swap the numbers, then port 200 comes up and not 100. I am
> not sure what I am missing. Thanks for any help!

You're missing the man pages, which should be the most obvious place to
first look at.


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