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RE: cleaning up logs from bdb db and upgrading ldap

Sorry it has taken me to so long to reply. I want to thank
everyone for your help on both cases. I do have a further
question on the log rotation part. 

I added:


to the DB_CONFIG file. When I restarted the daemon, I did not
see any difference in the number of log.* files. Since I rebuilt
the db yesterday, the only log.* file to be modified when I restarted it
today was the last one numerically speaking. I am guessing, since this
particular ldap port has not had any activity except some reads, that

1) only the last log would be modified since restarting
2) the number of logs I have would always start with this much whenever
   I rebuild (slapcat/slapadd)
3) to see more logs, then more activity would have to happen and then
   I would start to see some logs be removed.

Is this right? Also, reading in the documentation:


It notes:

"If set, Berkeley DB will automatically remove log files that are no longer needed. 
Automatic log file removal is likely to make catastrophic recovery impossible."

So, I worry. Is there a way to reduce the number of log files and be able
to be safe against catastrophic problems? I am guessing the only way to
do this is to rebuild the db from scratch via slapcat/slapadd? Thanks for
any help!

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On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Howard Chu wrote:

> > Only when upgrading between major versions e.g. 2.2.X -> 2.3.X.
> Technically that is the minor version number. I.e., an OpenLDAP release 
> number is major.minor.patch. In the 2.x releases we've had database 
> format changes for each minor release thus far, but probably won't have 
> any format changes in 2.4.
> And actually, the format only changed between 2.2 and 2.3 for 
> little-endian machines like Intel x86. On big-endian machines like 
> Sparc, there was no change. Now we consistently use big-endian byte 
> order everywhere.

Corrections noted; thanks.

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