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Re: replication. keepalive searching...

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Aaron Richton wrote:
If you're using 2.3.33, SO_KEEPALIVE should be set (see the ITS and CHANGES). You can look at your FreeBSD documentation to determine how to tune the kernel TCP parameters thereof.

AFAIR, SO_KEEPALIVE isn't the solution as on most systems it defaults to a couple of hours, and manuals usually suggest to leave it untouched to avoid instabilities (no more details at hand right now).

In a custom development where proxies are involved, we designed a background thread that periodically performs a simple operation on all proxy cached connections and, in case of failure, trashes the cached connection. Maybe something similar could be set up for syncrepl as well, since in principle multiplexed operations should be possible on the connection created for sync replication.


Interesting idea. I suppose a query on the rootDSE would suffice.

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