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Re: replication. keepalive searching...

Dmitriy Kirhlarov wrote:
Hi, list.

I'm using openldap 2.3.33 on provider and consumer server on FreeBSD
Provider have real IP address. Consumer installed in local network
with 172.16.x.x address behind Cisco Pix firewall with NAT.  I'm using
syncrepl replication (type=refreshAndPersist retry="500 +") and all
work fine.

But, time-to-time, after reconfiguration, we are reloading translation
table on PIX. As result, all installed tcp connections silently drops.

Consumer detect this situation after more them 1h (TCP timeout?). Is
it possible decrease this time period?

Typically the TCP keepalive timeout is a kernel-specific setting. Look in your FreeBSD documentation, it's not something we can control in the OpenLDAP software.

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