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Re: Can openldap locate "horizon data" on different servers ?

Zhang William wrote:
> for example, there are 1000 entries like this:
>  sub=1,dc=root
>  sub=..., dc=root
>  sub=1000, dc=root
> i wanna sub=1..500 located on server1 and sub=501...1000 on server2 (no
> referal).
> can openldap do that ?
> i have tried backend meta but it seems cant work.

It can, with a bit of work with rewrite rules.  We also have a patch
that allows more and more granularity in deciding where a non-existing
entry will be located in a distributed database, based on the DN (or,
content-based knowledge can be exploited by other operations to optimize
candidate selection).  Eventually, we plan to contribute it.


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