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Re: OpenLDAP Backup Questions

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Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:
Thanks Howard.

One question - if slapcat is backing up the data - and meanwhile some
writes are happening to ldap data (as slapd is running) - then what
would happen to the backup ldif file - it will get all the data until
some cut-off point - or even the current updates will also go into it?

slapcat reads the database sequentially. If an entry that has already been dumped gets updated, then that update obviously won't appear in the dump. If an entry is updated before slapcat reaches it, then the updated entry will appear in the dump.

Can there be any inconsistency if there are two many writes going on
during the backup time?

What kind of inconsistency? Writes to the DB are atomic, so it's impossible for slapcat to see an entry in an in-between state, no matter how many writes are occurring. The only possible inconsistency is as noted above - changes made to entries that were already read out won't be seen until the next time you do a backup.

Regds, Rajarshi Chaudhuri Genesys Telecommunications Lab, Inc rajarshi@genesyslab.com

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Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:

I'm planning to make a daily backup of my openldap(2.3.19 used with
backend). There are couple of questions that I have -

1. If I take a backup using slapcat while slapd is running - is there
possibility of some data loss or other inconsistency?


2. Is there some other effective backup mechanism / backup tool recommended other
than slapcat.

3. If I can programmatically assure that no writes happen during my
phase - then does it matter whether slapd is running or not?

4. I'm going to do this in both Windows and Solaris environment - so
suggestions like I should use something specific based on the OS?

I would highly appreciate if my questions are effectively answered.

Rajarshi Chaudhuri
Genesys Telecommunications Lab, Inc
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