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Re: OpenLDAP Backup Questions

Rajarshi Chaudhuri wrote:

I'm planning to make a daily backup of my openldap(2.3.19 used with bdb backend). There are couple of questions that I have -

1. If I take a backup using slapcat while slapd is running - is there a
possibility of some data loss or other inconsistency?


2. Is there some other effective backup mechanism / backup tool recommended other
than slapcat.


3. If I can programmatically assure that no writes happen during my backup phase - then does it matter whether slapd is running or not?


4. I'm going to do this in both Windows and Solaris environment - so any suggestions like I should use something specific based on the OS?


I would highly appreciate if my questions are effectively answered.

Rajarshi Chaudhuri
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