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RE: OpenLDAP Backup Questions

--On Wednesday, February 07, 2007 3:50 PM -0800 Rajarshi Chaudhuri <rajarshi@genesyslab.com> wrote:

Hi Quanah -

Sorry for re-posting. As you mentioned -

Please keep replies on the list.

<<< You should address your questions to openldap-software@openldap.org
they have to do with using OpenLDAP. >>>

So - I thought I need to post it there too for archival purpose.

So - as per your suggestion I should be OK taking hot backups using
slapcat keeping slapd running. You also suggested to upgrade the version
- I see the new version is 2.3.33 - is it the recommended one or some
prior one should be better?

See the page on <http://www.openldap.org> about the difference between "stable" and "current". You may also want to read over the change log of what was fixed between releases, which is distributed with each release, and also available from the website.

Further questions for you (forgive me - I'm new to this openldap stuff).
Is there a way to instruct slapd to do a recovery first each time it is
re-started? Also - is the graceful/gentle shutdown of slapd reliable?
Can you point me a location where there are good sample scripts
demonstrating these things - like backup/recovery etc.

OpenLDAP 2.3 already performs recovery on startup, if it is necessary.

There has been no evidence that graceful/gentle shutdown of slapd is unreliable. I personally turned it off because if you have persistent connections that never close, slapd will never shutdown.


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