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Re: syncrepl issues

Given that no problems show up in 2.3.27, and looking at the diffs between
2.3.27 and 2.3.32, the only substantive difference is in syncprov_checkpoint
handling, due to ITS#4720. Looking over that patch, it's possible the chosen
fix was bad.

Try turning off syncprov-checkpoint in your provider. If that makes a
difference, then the ITS#4720 patch is broken.

So far, that hasn't made a difference. The two problem consumers still do the same thing. These particular consumers are in a different network, and are heavily firewalled. I brought up a test consumer on the same network as the provider, and it stays in sync 100%. So, I'll need to poke the network to see what I can find.

Thank you both for the help so far.