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Re: syncrepl issues

Wes Rogers wrote:
I have never had any problems up until now with syncrepl.  1 consumer
is always in sync, yet the 2 newer ones start out in sync but after
about 10 minutes they don't sync at all.  It is always fixed by
restarting slapd on the 2 problem consumers.

Various debugging and tcpdumps just confirm that it isn't staying in
sync but nothing as far as errors.  This same configuration is running
on another instance (although openldap 2.3.27, db-4.4.20) with 1
provider and 9 consumers without any issues.

Configuration :

1 provider
3 consumers

All are openldap-2.3.32 with db-4.4.20 plus the 4 patches.

Given that no problems show up in 2.3.27, and looking at the diffs between 2.3.27 and 2.3.32, the only substantive difference is in syncprov_checkpoint handling, due to ITS#4720. Looking over that patch, it's possible the chosen fix was bad.

Try turning off syncprov-checkpoint in your provider. If that makes a difference, then the ITS#4720 patch is broken.
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