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RE: Can't add data to new ou

Try and slapcat the data store save it as a .ldif file . You can use this
ldif file to analyse the data.

Your new OU subtree may not be correct. Check from right to left every
subtree do exists and the order is correct
- Kumuthiny
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Subject: Re: Can't add data to new ou

Michael Ströder schreef:
> Erestor Elensar wrote:
>> Michael Ströder schreef:
>>> gandalf istari wrote:
>>>>  i have created a new ou with this command:
>>>> slapadd -l ./new-od.ldif    without any errors
>>> Why didn't you use ldapadd for this single entry?
>> because its a part of a large script, and i have only here a problem.
>> [..]
>>>> al,DC=sodexho,DC=be"
>>>> ldap_add: No such object (32)
>>>>         matched DN:
>>>> ou=Recipients,ou=not_users,ou=users_sxo,dc=internal,dc=sodexho,dc=be
>>> Did you check with too ldapsearch whether the entry
>> Yes, and ldap search don't find anything, but when i want to ad it again
>> i get a error that it already exists!
> I suspect something's wrong with you "large script" using slapadd.
Here is the "large script" that we use.


> Ciao, Michael

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